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California Image Download from @Parker_Golden

Hello Enterprise Inspires, I appreciate you reaching out being interested in featuring one of my images from my latest California set. Below this message, you will find a download link that will take you to a Google Drive download of the image in high resolution for sharing on your social media. I hereby grant @Enterprise_Inspires permission to use the image off to the left of this text for use strictly on Social Media channels. As this was not a commissioned job, that is where the permission lies and I furthermore prohibit the use of the images for any paid advertising or other commercial purposes. Basically, you are free to share on social media so long as it's not shared with a direct request for commercial purposes ie. "Go rent a car from Enterprise as this Photographer did and explore the coast" 

You will also find below (no permission granted at this time) a few more of my favorites from the recent California trip and some additional automotive work I completed in Iceland last summer. My Instagram is also a great place to see my recent work! Should you wish to work together in the future, my contact information is also listed below. I will be going on a road trip through Texas in a couple of weeks and would love to collaborate,

Personal Info regarding photo : 
Photographer: Parker Golden 
Instagram: @Parker_Golden
Photo Location Zuma Beach, Malibu California 
Thank You,
Parker Golden 

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Automotive Work completed in Iceland Summer 2018

2018 Kia Sportage photographed on a F-Road in southern Iceland just before a river crossing.

2018 Kia Sportage crosses a small, dry river crossing in southern Iceland

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